Friday, October 20, 2017

Moon Walk

No-one has set foot on the Moon for several decades now. I look up at the moon most evenings when it is around and the Tavern is quiet, but have not seen much movement up there.  That may change in the easily foreseeable future. It is entirely possible that attempts to land on it again will happen in the next few, maybe ten, years although which nationality gets there to walk in American footsteps remains to be seen. 

The Japanese for example were orbiting one of their machines up there  a while ago and analysis of the data it sent back has shown a few promising signs of  possible solutions to long-standing problems.

Jay Bennett stopped by with some news. One major problem anyone going there will have to address is where to stay if they want to be there for more than a day or two.  There are no B&Bs or hotels up there let alone a Base. It may be that my Supplier, who gives us everything we need (with a little help from our own ingenuity) has set up some solutions ahead of our need. 
Scientists Scout Lunar Caverns As Possible Sites for a Moon Base
These underground networks of "lava tubes" could protect future astronauts from the harsh conditions on the moon.
For years, lunar scientists have been intrigued by pits and holes that pock the surface of the moon. Since 2009, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has hypothesized that some of these holes are actually skylights leading to vast underground networks of caves and caverns carved by lava flows in the moon's ancient past, known as lava tubes.
If such subterranean realms exist, they could be perfect for constructing habitats and research stations on the moon, safely shielded from the radiation and intense sunlight that bombards the lunar surface.
Recently, new research from NASA, JAXA, as well as the University of Padova and the University of Bologna in Italy has supported the idea that vast underground networks exist on the moon, stretching for dozens of miles, large enough to house city-sized colonies.
Radar data from JAXA's Kaguya spacecraft—which orbited the moon from 2007 to 2009 and is officially named SELENE—was analyzed to locate and measure the size of lava tubes on the moon. The new study, published this week in Geophysical Research Letters, measured an "echo pattern" at one of the sites of a possible lunar cavern among the moon's Marius Hills, a group of volcanic domes on the western edge of the near side of the moon.
Has the ring of a new suburb name about it. 
Similar echo patterns were measured at several other locations.
American scientists were able to support the readings with data from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL), which orbited the moon between 2011 and 2012. The echo patterns, which show the radar data tapering off and then spiking in a second echo peak, correspond with locations where GRAIL measured lower gravitational forces on the moon, suggesting hollow areas beneath the surface.
"Intact lunar lava tubes offer a pristine environment to conduct scientific examination of the moon's composition and potentially serve as secure shelters for humans and instruments," reads the study. Using the data from Kaguya's Lunar Radar Sounder (LRS), researchers estimate the underground cave accessed through the Marius Hill skylight to be about 150 feet (46 meters) wide and 30 miles (48 kilometers) long.
In addition, the University of Padova and the University of Bologna in Italy recently conducted a study to compare lava tubes on Earth in locations such as Hawaii and Australia to those glimpsed through skylight holes on the moon and Mars.
These holes were likely created by impacting asteroids that penetrated the caverns beneath. Lava tubes are created when liquid hot rock near the core of a planet is thrust up through existing cracks and fissures as it jets toward the surface. These can leave vast caverns, but as demonstrated by the Italian study, presented last month at the 2017 European Planetary Science Congress, the size of these caverns varies significantly based on the gravitational forces of the planet.
"The comparison of terrestrial, lunar and martian examples shows that, as you might expect, gravity has a big effect on the size of lava tubes," said Riccardo Pozzobon, of the University of Padova, in a press release from the conference. "On Earth, they can be up to thirty meters across. In the lower gravity environment of Mars, we see evidence for lava tubes that are 250 meters in width. 
On the Moon, these tunnels could be a kilometer or more across and many hundreds of kilometers in length."
The matters of food and air  and water can be far more easily considered when 'shelter' is assured.   Living on the surface under 'bubbles' was always a bizarre idea, but underground in ready-carved spaces sounds far more promising.

Keep looking up.

Best done sitting down with a drink at hand. 

Raise a glass to the Great Supplier.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

'Esprit de Corps' is Down with the Flu

The American Military is suffering and Gen Mattis would be well advised to ask Parzival's Question, "What Ails Thee Uncle", before the combined might of America is sent for bed-rest. Many a customer in the Tavern has noted the disgraceful happenings in the Oz military, which, let us be honest, is a small but often useful force for 'good', but in serious internal trouble that cause vomiting and fevers.  America has similar problems but writ much larger.

The Obama era saw devastation wreaked upon the US Military that few external enemies could have hoped for. And without shots being fired. 
“I Am Muslim First” Fort Hood Terrorist Claims
He Acted to Protect Islamic Law.

That is if one discounts the Ft. Hood massacre which saw a Muslim Major kill unarmed military troops.

Well could one ask, what did they expect? 

We have Muslims on the Oz forces in some sort of  national military death-wish. 

Thanatos is affecting the minds and hearts and souls. We tie our hands behind our own backs.

Militaries have 'educational institutes', some quite famous. Here in Oz we have Duntroon, where an annual media-fest of scandalous behaviour is exposed.

In America the Army has 'West Point', the equivalent of Britain's Sandhurst. 

The cream of America's warrior youth are allowed into its programs, there to be trained in military matters, doctrines, strategies and tactics and its 'ethos' of Duty, Honour and  Country, loyalty and self-sacrifice.

And, we might ask, how is that going?
Not very well it seems. 

It isn't just Muslim Majors  in the US Army and Muslim Captains  in the Oz Navy that are a distinct worry. There are the gays, transgenders (Over $1 MILLION spent on surgery !! ?), but the array of other undesirables who do not share the values and virtues of the Military life. 

Just as schools today are feminism and leftism dominated, so do the young people who are forced through them like mincemeat to be turned out as patties carry those diseases with them into 'higher' seats of learning. 

Including the Military. 

It often takes several years to undo the damage, but that is dependant upon the leaders, instructors and commanders of such Institutions. It is part of their job to 'inspire' and 'educate' ....  and weed-out the chaff.

They fail. Sometimes.

The bureaucracy stiffles action: 'placemen' get appointed by political chicanery.

Mark Alexander brought some news of disgrace into the Tavern, seeking some cleansing Ale.
West Point Digs Deeper Hole on Cadet Communist

Time to determine how deep Obama's deep-state socialists have been imbedded in the ranks of American military leadership.
Two weeks ago, I wrote about a West Point 2016 graduate, now-2LT Spenser Rapone, who, despite his brash history displaying contempt for our nation, and his advocacy for communism, was allowed to graduate.
As I noted, now-retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Heffington, an Academy history professor in 2015, had issued a sworn affidavit alerting senior USMA command about Rapone.
LTC Heffington was an infantry officer before completing graduate work and accepting a post at the USMA. He was known by those under his command, and by his USMA students, to be a tough and uncompromising man of superior integrity. In his complaint he concluded,
“I cannot reconcile the image of a first class cadet at West Point with the things he has posted online for the world to see. To me, these are red flags that cannot be ignored, and I fail to see how this individual can possibly graduate and become a commissioned officer in six months.”

But they did ignore it.
More recently, Rapone, now assigned to the 10th Mountain Division in Fort Drum, has boldly posted his hatred for his commander in chief, SecDef James Mattis, and other senior military leadership on public social media accounts. That constitutes a clear and overt UCMJ Article 88 violation: “Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense … shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”
West Point command responded to the exposure of Rapone’s insubordination and UCMJ violations with an official statement asserting, “Rapone’s actions in no way reflect the values of the U.S. Military Academy or the U.S. Army,”
Er... Duh  Bring on Mandy Rice Davies. 
and that “Rapone’s chain of command is aware of his actions and is looking into the matter.”
Responding to that lame assertion, LTC Heffington sent a letter to his USMA class of 1997, noting his “intense devotion and loyalty to West Point,” but detailing the inaction over Rapone and how that reflected the 
degraded “leadership” culture at West Point.

Heffington wrote, “I firmly believe West Point is a national treasure and that it can and should remain a vitally important source of well trained, disciplined, highly educated Army officers and civilian leaders. However, during my time on the West Point faculty … I personally witnessed a series of fundamental changes at West Point that have eroded it to the point where I question whether the institution should even remain open. 
The recent coverage of 2LT Spenser Rapone — an avowed Communist and sworn enemy of the United States — dramatically highlighted this disturbing trend. 
Given my recent tenure on the West Point faculty and my direct interactions with Rapone, his ‘mentors,’ and with the Academy’s leadership, I believe I can shed light on how someone like Rapone could possibly graduate.”

However, Rapone’s case is just the latest indicator of military academy degradation under Barack Obama’s regime. Recall that The Patriot Post took on the command staff at the Air Force Academy in 2012, when Obama’s appointees there quietly endeavored to 
remove “So Help Me God” from oaths 
in the cadet handbook “to Support and Defend” our Constitution.
Responding to LTC Heffington, USMA Superintendent, LTG Robert Caslen, appointed by Obama in 2013, issued a formal statement, noting that he had been inundated with protests by USMA alumni, but could not say anything while investigations were being conducted. According to Caslen, “Responding to concerns raised about the quality of JSMA graduates takes time, which includes gathering all the facts and taking a hard look at whether USMA is doing everything it can to develop leaders of character…
Caslen appealed, “Help me prevent the negativity associated with the alleged behavior of one graduate,” and insisted the actions of one don’t reflect the culture at USMA and code of “Honor, Duty and Country.”

On this point, I would agree with Caslen, but the issue is not 2LT Rapone. He came to USMA from the enlisted ranks, having previously deployed to Afghanistan as an Army Ranger with the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Notably, he was “released for standards” from his regiment, meaning there were performance or conduct issues. 
So, how does a troop  with that record get to Officer Training?  

Need one ask. Political shennanigans, of course.
He gained acceptance to USMA with the endorsement of Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA), who has since attempted to distance himself from Rapone. I believe Rapone is likely suffering some pathology.

Again, LTG Robert Caslen’s assertions notwithstanding, Rapone is NOT the problem, and in the words of a wise old mentor, 
“When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.”

Bottom line: The investigation that needed to be done was two years ago, based on LTC Heffington’s original affidavit concerning Rapone. The investigation that really needs to be conducted now is why that didn’t happen — and of much greater significance, determining how deep Obama’s deep-state socialists have been imbedded in the ranks of American military leadership.
Yes, yes, I know. One Swallow doth not make a Summer. But we know when Summer is ending. The darkness comes earlier by the day.  And darkness is falling.

Holes and digging require free hands in any case, and the politicians have had plenty of time to bind people in high places.

Todd Starnes had a tale to tell too, of the Air Force this time. 
Air Force Punishes Colonel who Refused to Affirm Gay Marriage

The Air Force has punished a highly-decorated and respected colonel after he refused to publicly affirm the same-sex spouse of a retiring subordinate.
Col. Leland Bohannon, who was on the verge of being promoted to a one-star general, was suspended from command and orders were handed down recommending he not be promoted.

“His career is likely over and he will likely have to retire as a colonel instead of as a general,” First Liberty Institute attorney Michael Berry told the Todd Starnes Show.
First Liberty Institute, one of the nation’s most prominent religious liberty law firms, is representing the distinguished military officer.
“This sends a clear message - if you do not have the politically correct viewpoint, you are not welcome in the military,” Berry said. “The military is no longer a place of diversity and inclusion if you are a person who holds to a traditional belief on marriage.”
The Air Force did not respond to interview requests. 

Col. Bohannon has flown combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and he is the recipient of the Bronze Star, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal and the Air Medal.
Last May the colonel declined to sign a certificate of spouse appreciation for a retiring master sergeant’s same-sex spouse.
He was unable to do so because it would have caused him to affirm a definition of marriage contrary to his sincerely held religious beliefs.
First Liberty Institute argues there is no Air Force Instruction requiring a commander to personally sign a spouse certificate. 
Col. Bohannon sought the advice of his Command Chaplain as well as the Staff Judge Advocate. He was advised to request a religious accommodation. However, that request was returned six weeks later “without action.”
A two-star general signed the certificate instead. 
“(The colonel) went out of his way to make sure his Airman was accommodated,” Berry told the Todd Starnes Show.
But when the master sergeant learned Col. Bohannon did not personally sign the spouse certificate, the Airman filed an Equal Opportunity complaint.
The Airman alleged the devout Christian colonel had “unlawfully discriminated against him on the basis of his sexual orientation.”
The EO investigator determined the colonel had discriminated against the gay Airman – and went on to say that “even had the accommodation been granted, Col. Bohannon would nonetheless be guilty of unlawful discrimination.”
“You have a case where a decorated officer like Col. Bohannon demonstrates integrity and character to go out of his way to accommodate one of his Airmen and the Air Force will not do the same for him,” Berry told the Todd Starnes Show.
First Liberty Institute is urging the Air Force to reverse its decision – charging the military violated their client’s Constitutional rights.
You will all be very aware that I have the greatest respect for the Profession of Arms, for most military arms in the Anglosphere, and for many a fine soldier, airman ad yeah, even fishead, and it saddens an old Knight to see this sickness that has been deliberately introduced. The 'Esprit' is sickening all over. 

We cannot, MUST not allow good Knights to turn bad.

Drinks for the chaps with the sad news. Good cleansing Ale from my Supplier will help them go back to fighting the good fight.

Asperges me.



The frothing at the mouth by some annoyed souls outside the Tavern's hedges, was audible inside the US room this evening.  Quite a road of angst.

Most of them seemed incensed by the rather aside criticism of modern schooling, for some reason. Not that such stopped their criticism of me. Hahaha.

Few seemed to have actually listened to the two American gentlemen or read what they said.

Here are a few of the choice phrases that wafted in:
What have you been smoking this morning?
can you stop your political fu(..)ing bulls(.)it 
Dominated by feminism and liberalism???? It's 2017!!!!! Are you fu(..)ing kidding me???? Regardless of the content of this right wing drivel, your comment just highlighted how far past ok you are. 
Someone doesn't like women being treated equally in the forces then. it's diversity AND EQUALITY.
Or in schools it seems!!!
he just dresses up his own religious extremism as "educated fascist"
Educated fascist? Hitler was also an educated fascist.
Hahahaha. You just know them by their fruits. Usually prunes. 
just rabidly religious with an obvious agenda
Because my opinions are far more inclusive of all human beings, and yours aren't, in fact yours border on hate speech, .... , my guess is you don't care, which would seem to sum up your basic personality, you lack empathy.
Bless you Bro. 
Seems to me to just a load of froth with no substance or understanding, but then I know nothing, according to the so called upper echelon.
The only thing I am currently thinking is that you are a cretin of the highest order. Feminism wouldn't have to exist if men like you weren't up your own arse thinking you are better than everyone else.
Better than a cretin of the lowest order, I suppose. 
take your condescension elsewhere. Get with the times grandad, or drop dead. Either or would suffice.
you’re not worth it mate.
Right wing garbage.
fascist rhetoric
Now, where do we hear this from, all the time? 

All of the comments came from folk with British military backgrounds (no fisheads though), female as well as male, who do not wish to actually make a comment on this site but prefer to froth on FB outside the hedges.  I have refrained here from identifying them. Considering that the subject matter (and the aside about schooling) was relevant in the American context, and not even referring to the UK, it is astonishing that they took such umbrage.

SJWs know no borders. !

I shall send some orange juice out to them.  Clearly they are short of Vitamin C.  British winter is almost upon them. I would put seats out there for them as it is quite warm today, but hey, I lack empathy.

Be that as it may, some 585 people dropped in for a pint in the last 7 hours. So far.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Pull Your Head In.

Keeping your head down when the proverbial and the fan are working synchronously is probably the best advice at the time, although the courageous chap may stand in the face of the onslaught.  In which case he should have a towel handy. And maybe some deodorant. In any case, being careful around and in dangerous situations is always a good course. One wants to avoid getting a whack on the head.

Apropos of nothing else that was going on in the Tavern today, a chap started to give me the heads-up on a fellow who worked with dangerous kit and made a bit of a name for himself. 

I was reminded of one Phineas Gage, but the chap in question is not of Gage's era but of today, and far from working on anything as pedestrian as a railway, he was working with much more powerful gizmos.

It was in Russia and the kit was the U-70 particle accelerator.  A question that very few ask...What happens when you stick your head into a particle accelerator?  

But hey, let me pull you a pint as Joel Frolich tell it himself. He is going to baffle you with science. Well, some of you.
This is what happened to the scientist who stuck his head inside a particle accelerator
What would happen if you stuck your body inside a particle accelerator? The scenario seems like the start of a bad Marvel comic, but it happens to shed light on our intuitions about radiation, the vulnerability of the human body, and the very nature of matter. 
Particle accelerators allow physicists to study subatomic particles by speeding them up in powerful magnetic fields and then tracing the interactions that result from collisions. By delving into the mysteries of the universe, colliders have entered the zeitgeist and tapped the wonders and fears of our age.
As far back as 2008, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), operated by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), was charged with creating microscopic black holes that would allow physicists to detect extra dimensions. To many, this sounds like the plot of a disastrous science-fiction movie. It came as no surprise when two people filed a lawsuit to stop the LHC from operating, lest it produce a black hole powerful enough to destroy the world. 
But physicists argued that the idea was absurd and the lawsuit was rejected.
Then, in 2012, the LHC detected the long-sought Higgs boson, a particle needed to explain how particles acquire mass. With that major accomplishment, the LHC entered popular culture; it was featured on the album cover of Super Collider (2013) by the heavy metal band Megadeth, and was a plot point in the US television series The Flash(2014-).
Yet, despite its accomplishments and glamour, the world of particle physics is so abstract that few understand its implications, meaning or use. Unlike a NASA probe sent to Mars, CERN’s research doesn’t produce stunning, tangible images. Instead, the study of particle physics is best described by chalkboard equations and squiggly lines called Feynman diagrams. Aage Bohr, the Nobel laureate whose father Niels invented the Bohr model of the atom, and his colleague Ole Ulfbeck have even gone as far as to deny the physical existence of subatomic particles as anything more than mathematical models.
Come along young Joel. This isn't a long, drawn out joke. Get it out, sir. 
Which returns us to our original question: What happens when a beam of subatomic particles traveling at nearly the speed of light meets the flesh of the human body? 
Perhaps because the realms of particle physics and biology are conceptually so far removed, it’s not only laypeople who lack the intuition to answer this question, but also some professional physicists.
In a 2010 YouTube interview with members of the physics and astronomy faculty at the University of Nottingham, several academic experts admitted that they had little idea what would happen if one were to stick a hand inside the proton beam at the LHC. Professor Michael Merrifield put it succinctly: “That’s a good question. I don’t know is the answer. Probably be very bad for you.” Professor Laurence Eaves was also cautious about drawing conclusions. “[B]y the scales of energy we notice, it wouldn’t be that noticeable,” he said, likely with a bit of British understatement. “Would I put my hand in the beam? I’m not sure about that.”
Hmmmmm. Has the tenor of 'famous last words', eh? Hahaha. But if you get a few free moments you could do a lot worse than watching the fine and funny Professor and his equally sound mates at Notts Uni, on YT.  They have so many sciencey things to ponder along with you. Look up 'Sixty Symbols'. I can assure you that entertainment is a business that has missed some real performers.
Such thought experiments can be useful tools for exploring situations that can’t be studied in the laboratory. Occasionally, however, unfortunate accidents yield case studies: opportunities for researchers to study scenarios that can’t be experimentally induced for ethical reasons. Case studies have a sample size of one and no control group. But, as the neuroscientist V. S. Ramachandran has pointed out in Phantoms in the Brain (1998), 
it takes only one talking pig to prove that pigs can talk. 

On Sept. 13, 1848, for example, an iron rod pierced through the head of the US railway worker Phineas Gage and profoundly changed his personality, offering early evidence of a biological basis for personality.
See, I told you.  But you all know of P.Gage, don't you?
And on July 13, 1978, a Soviet scientist named Anatoli Bugorski stuck his head in a particle accelerator. 
On that fateful day, Bugorski was checking malfunctioning equipment on the U-70 synchrotron—the largest particle accelerator in the Soviet Union—when a safety mechanism failed and a beam of protons traveling at nearly the speed of light passed straight through his head, Phineas Gage-style.
It’s possible that, at that point in history, no other human being had ever experienced a focused beam of radiation at such high energy. 
Although proton therapy—a cancer treatment that uses proton beams to destroy tumors—was pioneered before Bugorski’s accident, the energy of these beams is generally not above 250 million electron volts (a unit of energy used for small particles). Bugorski might have experienced the full wrath of a beam with more than 300 times this much energy, 76 billionelectron volts.
As you can see, Anotoli was not at all happy about it. 
Proton radiation is a rare beast indeed. Protons from the solar wind and cosmic rays are stopped by Earth’s atmosphere, and proton radiation is so rare in radioactive decay that it was not observed until 1970. More familiar threats, such as ultraviolet photons and alpha particles, do not penetrate the body past skin unless a radioactive source is ingested. Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko, for instance, was killed by alpha particles that do not so much as penetrate paper when he unknowingly ingested radioactive polonium-210 delivered by an assassin. But when Apollo astronauts protected by spacesuits were exposed to cosmic rays containing protons and even more exotic forms of radiation, they reported flashes of visual light, a harbinger of what would welcome Bugorski on the fateful day of his accident. 
According to an interview in Wired magazine in 1997, Bugorski immediately saw an intense flash of light but felt no pain. The young scientist was taken to a clinic in Moscow with half his face swollen, and doctors expected the worst.
Ionizing radiation particles such as protons wreak havoc on the body by breaking chemical bonds in DNA. This assault on a cell’s genetic programming can kill the cell, stop it from dividing, or induce a cancerous mutation.
Cells that divide quickly, such as stem cells in bone marrow, suffer the most. Because blood cells are produced in bone marrow, for instance, many cases of radiation poisoning result in infection and anemia from losses of white blood cells and red blood cells, respectively. But unique to Bugorski’s case, radiation was concentrated along a narrow beam through the head, rather than being broadly distributed from nuclear fallout, as was the case for many victims of the Chernobyl disaster or the bombing of Hiroshima. 
For Bugorski, particularly vulnerable tissues, such as bone marrow and the gastrointestinal track, might have been largely spared. But where the beam shot through Bugorski’s head, it deposited an obscene amount of radiation energy, hundreds of times greater than a lethal dose by some estimates.
He still does NOT look a happy chappy.
And yet, Bugorski is still alive today. Half his face is paralyzed, giving one hemisphere of his head a strangely young appearance. He is reported to be deaf in one ear. He suffered at least six generalized tonic-clonic seizures. Commonly known as grand mal seizures, these are the seizures most frequently depicted in film and television, involving convulsions and loss of consciousness. Bugorski’s epilepsy is likely a result of brain tissue-scarring left by the proton beam. It has also left him with petit mal or absence seizures, far less dramatic staring spells during which consciousness is briefly interrupted. There are no reports that Bugorski has ever been diagnosed with cancer, though that is often a long-term consequence of radiation exposure.
Despite having nothing less than a particle accelerator beam pass through his brain, Bugorski’s intellect remained intact, and he successfully completed his doctorate after the accident. Bugorski survived his accident. And as frightening and awesome as the inside of a particle accelerator might be, humanity has thus far survived the nuclear age. 
So many questions a chap might ask.

Safety protocols, anyone.

Does the Large Haldron Collider at CERN have 'Safe-Spaces' for newly minted Graduates just out of Uni?

Does an invisible particle beam of minute proportion constitute a micro-aggression?  

Things to ponder over a pint, I think.

I shall pull a few for you and Joel.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sun & Water

It is that time of the year when the mild and pleasant Tasmanian winter gives way to a beautiful sunny spring and I can sit out on my deck and watch the boats. I do like the waters here. Blue skies enhance the blueness of the waters - and gray skies give the waters a 'steel' quality, at least to look at.
And folk get out there in boats.

The first cruise ship of the season slid in the other day at 5am to give 3000 people a taste of Hobart. I cannot claim it was the best day for them but by the time they weighed anchor to continue their cruising, the skies had cleared and the evening was beautiful. Well, they deserved to have something to remember.

There is a very full schedule of large ships coming this year. So the local sailors get the waters as they can.

But as happens every year, the opening of the sailing season (I didn't know there was one) saw the Parade of Sail that I have shown before.  So, for the sailors here - James at the helm - I give you a small show around.

Some prefer to be really independant and fast !

Others like a friends along.

 It can get quite crowded out there. 


Have a long, cool drink.

Give thanks.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Sell your Coat and Buy a Sword

An oft misinterpreted injunction by my Supplier, nevertheless I keep my sword handy in the Tavern, just under the bar top.  It was given to me a very long time ago. Or did I take it from some other Knight's cold dead hand?  I disremember. I keep it sharp too, whetstone nearby for the odd moment free for a bit of  a hone. I like an edge, but when not wanting to do serious damage I will use the flat to give a sound whack.

But I cannot just wander down in the village with it hanging on my belt looking for villains even to whack as the Law takes a dim view. Also I prefer to go about my business in the sinful city un-noticed. 

And who notices an old chap with a walking stick?

My mate Graham mention a day or two ago how he was attacked in the street while holding a sign about babies in the womb. 

He is an elderly fellow too and he didn't have a splendid barbarian's sword handy. 
He was pushed and shoved and knocked down.

That is not on !

There are an increasing number of anti-christian thugs on the street these days who are not holding themselves to simple, crude invective.  They get pushy and pully and thumpy. How is a Christian gentleman to defend himself in this age if he does not have a sword?  

I recommend a walking stick. 

I could walk right on by a policeman with my walking stick without him raising even an eyebrow. There would be no. "'Ello, 'ello, 'ello: where do you fink your goin' wiv that then, eh?". His eyes would be peeled looking for vote 'no' signs. He might be alerted to my immanent mischief if I was carrying an AR15, or even the Kukri I keep in the back room too. I was given that, I do remember, by a very grateful Gurkha soldier, a long time back as well.

If (and only if) one is inclined to use a cane as a weapon (defensive, of course, although who can tell...) one needs perhaps to choose the best sort.  Take a look  at these:

By the Lord Harry there are some fine knobs there, enough to raid a leprechauns purse for, and any well-presented Irish gentleman would be pleased with a 'Dress-Shillelagh' from amongst those.  Mind you, someone might wish to steal them from you. A plain one is best.

And I would recomment the Hook. They are far and away the better for fighting thugs.  They are quite versatile in the right hands.  They snare necks and arms, legs and wrists.  The floor end also can give a very hard poke in the goolies, eyes, mouth, and for the medically inclined like abortionists, the solar plexus.

And you can carry a cane or walking stick anywhere. Into a bank: onto a plane. No-one will stop you. 

Of course it does help to look the part. You know: a knackered old shi... knight.

It does not take much to learn a few useful moves with a cane. Especially when you have a bit of sword skill already. If you have not, then worryeth not. 'Tis easy to pick up. 

Some basic lessons follow.  First up a very mild sort of chap....

That obnoxious fellow, Jeremy Kyle was given short shrift by an old guy a while back. On TV too ! 

There are some handy 'tricks' to learn if you really get into it.
 I would also recommend a few lessons from a friendly neighbourhood expert. Next time you are walking in the park, keep an eye out for this old fellow. You do not need to start with an active attacker. Practice by yourself before you go on to get someone hurt. 

Just copy him for a while 'til you get into the swing.

Once you have the knack down pat, you may go out looking for trouble in rougher neighbourhoods.

But I would still recommend you get some one on one practice, or even more than one attacker to whack. Whacking can be fun !

Well there is a taster for you, but we are still left with the issue of what a Christian gentleman is to do.

Can a Christian whack people? 

My Supplier was not into whacking sinners. 

Well, ok, He did lay into the barrow-boys in the Tample. But as a rule he was quite forgiving and even self-sacrificing.

But He was on a mission. 

If you want to spread the Word on the street, you need to be alive and sound of limb to do it, which necessarily means defending yourself. 

And there are all too many willing to give you a broken limb out there unless you 'deter' them.

The 'sell your coat' advice can be interpreted in a variety of ways (as it is) and one may baulk at the view that 'sword' meant sword, and not  The Word. But before that there was the primary injunction by my Supplier's Dad:
 'Thou Shall Not Kill'. 

Breaking a limb or two was not mentioned.

You will have to do some interpreting yourselves. 

Meanwhile, the bar is open and Good Ale is ready to serve.